Feel like Dippin’ or want to top with a Drizzle?

All Starters + Sides are available in any of our wing flavours.

(Additional Change for Premium Toppings)



Manitoba produced, deep-fried red-skin Potatoes.


Asst’d, satisfyingly crispy, seasoned Potatoes.

FRICKLES LITTLE $8.99 | BIG $12.99

Fan Fav! | Chips or spears? Deep-fried pickles.

FRINGS LITTLE $8.99 | BIG $12.99

Breaded Onions with a little Jalapeño bite.

BUTTONS LITTLE $8.99 | BIG $12.99

Tempura battered, White Button Mushrooms.

MOZZAS LITTLE $10.99 | BIG $15.99

Classic, seasoned and stringy, deep-fried Mozzarella.

MAC + CHEESE LITTLE $8.99 | BIG $11.99

Deep-fried, cheesy wedges of Mac + Cheese


Perfect for tossing or dipping in any Wing Sauce!

CADO BITES LITTLE $9.99 | BIG $13.99

Battered, creamy chunks of Avocado.

ANGRY BIRDS LITTLE $11.99 | BIG $19.99

An epic stack of Spicy/Creamy, topped Tenders.


Jalapeño, Onion, Tomato, 3 Cheeses + More!
ADD | Beef, Bacon or Chicken (+$2)


LITTLE | $5.99 BIG | $9.99

You like Bacon and Cheese, but feel like some balance today?
Throw it all in a delicious salad!
ADD | Chicken (LITTLE +$1 or BIG +$2)



LITTLE +0¢ | BIG +0¢


LITTLE +50¢ | BIG +$1






LITTLE +50¢ | BIG +$1


LITTLE +50¢ | BIG +$1

CLASSIC LITTLE $10.99 | BIG $18.99

1. | SAWSONSIDE A plain wing, with your choice of flavour (or not) on the side.
2. | SALT AND PEPPER Simple but scrumptious, perfect for dipping.
3. | SALT AND BACON Mmmmmmm….Baaaccooonnn…..
4. | HY’S SEASONED It was at LBW where, Saddened Soulds Happened upon Hy’s Seasoning, the Happily Sung Songs of Heart and Salty Soul.
5. | BY THE SEA Just Sea Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar, if you want they are also great with Pepper or Lemom Pepper Crystals.
6. | LEMON PEPPER DRY You know, with The Crystals. Feel free to mix with the Tango below, for an Extra Lemony Experience.
7. | LEMON PEPPER TANGO Made with real Lemon Juice, Sea Salt and Black Pepper. Great “zing” to mix with other or delicious by itself.
8. | LEMON PEPPER MAMBO Made with real Lime Juice, Sea Salt and Black Pepper. Great “zest” to mix with other or delicious by itself.
9. | BOBCAJUN I was eating bobcajun when I saw the constellations reveal themselves one wing at a time. This dry rub is great solo and mixing.
10. | AUTHENTIC ALL-DRESSED {BooM} [pOw] (biZAM)! BBQ based, authentic tasting All-Dressed Seasoning!
11. | SAUCELESS RANCH Tasty Ranch Dressing in a Dry and Mess Free Form.
12. | FRANKS DRY! A seasoning from Franks Hot Sauce, that tastes like Franks Red, without a lot of the mess.
13. | SRIRACHA DRY! Another mind-blowing flavourful seasoning to spice up your life with!
14. | SALTY 5 SPICY (Quick cooking lesson) Traditional blend of: Clove, Star Anice, Schezuan Peppercorn, Fennel, and Cinnamon.
15. | SPICY TWO DRY They aren’t messy at all, but they’ll mess you up!
16. | DEATH DROP Salt and Garlic Wings, with 1 Drop (per wing) of Pepper Extract. Did we mention that stuff comes in at 6M S.H.U.!?

17. | HONEY AND GARLIC Name says it all, sweet and saucey, mouth-watering goodness.
18. | BACKYARD BBQ Classic BBQ sauce, with sweet and sour notes, a hint of Dijon, and a little kick.
19. | BURNIN’ BBQ A Boozey BBQ Sauce, that’ll–How should we say–“Light up the hoop”.
20. | SMOKED OUT SWEET MUSTARD Cousin to our BBQ Sauce, this golden sauce boldly captures all of the flavours expressed in its name!
21. | TERIYAKI Classic Teriyaki. Sweet, saucey, salty, soya, tasty!
22. | HONEY DILL Classic HD. Honey and Dill and Mayo, Oh My!
23. | SWEET CHILI Almost classic SC, with a little less sweet and a little more chili.
24. | CHILI MAPLE Real Maple Syrup combined with Red Chili Flakes and a dash of Habanero, makes for a “Bonfire in the Snow!”
25. | BUFFALO Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce, ‘nuf said.
26. | SRIRACHA From one of your favourite hot sauce bosses, Frank’s has brought the competition with their NEW Sriracha Sauce!
27. | SPICY HOT! SPICY Awesomely spicey, but not melt your face off spicy. Unlike a lot of hot sauce, this hot sauce also has real flavour.
28. | FROM THE BAYOU  An LBW fave, From the Bayou is a cream based, chipotle oriented sauce.
29. | CREAMY GARLIC Inspired by a salad dressing, this rich sauce holds an ample amount of garlic flavour and is topped with a little parm.
30. | CREAMY CAJUN Should be in the LBWO Section, but we made a promise to a guy named Dallas that it’d be easily accessible next menu print.
31. | CREAMY THAI Red or Green Thai Curry, Coconut or Creamy counterpart, you choose and we’ll make it, you won’t be disappointed either way!
32. | ORIENTAL BBQ Sweet and salty with some unique spices, OBBQ is made for stir-fries, but is excellent on LBW Wings.
33. | PINEAPPLE CURRY A fruity sauce with a curry after flavour, but definitely not too over powering.
34. | HOT RON WEASLEY!? May not be your first choice right off the hop, but this Sweet/Spicy Ginger wil have your back when you need it most!


35. | SPICY CARIBBEAN A very unique wing. With hints of mango, chili, lemon, coriander, and other exotic spices, your taste buds will frenzy!
36. | DARKSIDE GARLIC A darkened garlic taste that boasts ginger and soy, softened up with some AC Vinegar.
37. | DILL PICKLE WING They are tossed in taste quenching Dill Juice and topped with Garlic and Dill Seasoning.
38. | ASTRONAUT POUTINE You can’t have Cheese and Gravy in zero grav, so we’ve made the Space Friendly Pourtinerized Wings, just in case!
39. | WHITE TRUFFLER PARM Worldly Flavour: 1 Rich earthly flavour, Parmesan, and hints of Black Garlic Powder.
40. | CUBAN MOJO Worldly Flavour 2: Savoury Garlic, Chilies, and Citrusy Orange Flavours that capture the style of the Classic Cuban Sauce.
41. | MEXICAN MOLÉ Worldly Flavour 3: A blend of Ancho and Chipotlé Chilies, Chocolate, and other complex Mexican Flavours.
42. | MUSTARD + HERB Worldly Flavour 4: An award winning French Blend that bosts Sharp Yellow Mustard, Fennel, Parsley, Onion and Garlic!
43. | EGYPTIAN DUKKAH Worldly Flavour 5: A Nutty, Slightly Acidic and Spicy blend of Middle Eastern Spices.

44. | MAPLE BACON A Delicious Canadian combination of flavours, made dry or sauced with Real Maple Syrup.
45. | HOT HONEY Is an LBW favourite, it’s tossed in Honey and Garlic, and drizzled with Spicy Hot!
46. | HDLPT (Owner Favourite!) This wing is a Lemon Pepper Tango wing with Honey Dill drizzled on top!
47. | SWEET CREAMY GARLIC An LBW Sandwich Signature, this sauce is our Creamy Garlic mixed with our Honey and Garlic.
48. | ELECTRIC KIK A revamped and zingy version of the Electric Honey wing you will know and love. (HG+LPT)
49. | MISTRESS Double Honey!? Shame on you… Honey Dill and Honey Garlic mixed together for a sweet and savoury love triangle of flavour.
50. | SWEET CHILI TERIYAKI You probably didn’t guess it, but SCT is a double drizzle combo of Sweet Chili and Teriyaki.
51. | BAYOU WITH BITE From the Bayou, with a Drizzle of 3rd Degree Hot Sauce.
52. | REMIX A splash of lemon kicked up with some Salt, Peper, and From the Bayou Sauce.
53. | SRIRACHA PINEAPPLE The Bold taste of Sriracha, combined with the subtleness of Pineapple, with soft hints of curry.
54. | BUFF RANCH A wing with chizzled out flavour. This wing is first tossed in a light Buffalo Sauce, then drizzled with Ranch Sauce! (Also available with Franks Dry or Sriracha instead)
55. | SMOKEY RANCH (Owner Fave) A beautiful looking wing. She’s drizzled with Ranch sauce and seasoned with Smoldering Smoked Applewood.
56. | DILLY RANCHY Tossed in Ranch Sauce and a generous dose of fresh tasting Dill spice.
57. | CHILI TAMARIND A foreign flavor to most, the tamarind mixes really nicely into this Sweet, Spicy, and Tangy flavor.
58. | R U CARIBBEAN ME?! This unique sauce is the best Jerk Sauce we’ve had. With a hint of BBQ and spicy kick, it will not disappoint!
59. | CILANTRO LIME Festive set of Wings, that pair nicely with Nacho Sticks and/or Tequila! Flavours of Honey, Cilantro and Lime.


60. | POUTINERIZED Wings topped with a Mozzarella Cheese and covered in flavorful Brown Gravy.
61. | THE ALFRED Wings smothered in Alfredo Sauce, fresh Parmesan, Oregano, and a healthy dose of Salt and Pepper.
62. | NOT YO CHEESE Wings smothered in a Not Yo Cheese, topped with Green Onions and a sprinkle of Chili flakes.
63. | BUTTER CHICKEN Indian inspired curry and tomato sauce, with many more layers of flavour.
64. | MEXI WINGS Wings tossed in Taco Seasoning, then topped with Sour Cream, Shredded Cheese and Green Onions.
65. | THE ALMIGHTY ZA Our Pizza Wings are tossed in tomato sauce covered with Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Mozzarella Cheese, then topped with Oregano and Parmesan.
66. | BURGER TIME These wings are tossed in Smoked Out Sweet Mustard and topped with Ground Beef, Bacon, Pickles, and Cheese!
67. | NACHO WINGS These wings resemble a plate of Nachos. They come with everything from the Mexi and the Not Yo, PLUS your choice of Taco Meat and Jalapenos.
68. | PHILLY CHEESE “In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I ate most of my wings”.
69. | A.N.D.E. A Near Death Experience is covered in 3rd Degree Hot Sauce, Habanero, and Chili Flakes. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!
70. | A NEAR DEATH ZA A fiercely firey, but delicious combination of The All Mighty Za wings and the A.N.D.Es.
71. | THE B**TARD His unwed parents are Tomato and Cream. The man he grew up to be has a charming appearance, but inside, has some dark and fiery secrets.
72. | DEATH All of the Stars for this hellfire of a Wing, because it has broken the scale. This wing is not for the “spicy amateur” and we will need you to sign a waiver before eating… Good Luck!
73. | SPINACH Manitoba is known for it’s socials, replace the Pumpernickel with Wings in this Social Classic, and you get this Dippy Flavour.
74. | GREEK Seasoned with Greek Style Herbs, with a Greek Tzatziki Sauce on the Side.
75. | GREEN WINGS A full flavoured Basil Parmesan Pesto Sauce a top of some World Class Wings.